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Vaillant Group is one of Europe’s leading heating technology manufacturers and it is driven by a culture of thinking ahead. Therefore, when A-SAFE first unveiled its new RackEye rack monitoring system, Vaillant Industrial (Belper) was keen to introduce it at its state-of-the-art warehouse facilities in Belper, Derbyshire. The results have been compelling – and were felt almost immediately.


威能集團Vaillant是歐洲領先的供熱技術制造商之一,它受前瞻性思維文化的驅動。 因此,當A-SAFE首次推出其新的貨架實時監控系統RackEye時,Vaillant渴望将其引入位于英國德比郡Belper的最先進的倉庫設施中。安裝RackEye後的結果令人信服滿意,現場立即就能感受到安全方面的效果。


With more than 13,000 employees worldwide and operations in twenty countries, Vaillant is Europe’s second largest manufacturer in the heating technology sector. Its UK operation in Belper, Derbyshire is home to a high-tech manufacturing facility, as well as around 12,400 square metres of warehouse facilities. The Belper Plant places a strong emphasis on employee safety and already uses A-SAFE safety barriers extensively throughout both its factory and warehouse. Adrian Ancliff is the Head of Production Logistics and Scheduling at Belper. He is responsible for all material handling and logistics at the site, as well as production planning the shop floor, “We have always seen A-SAFE products as top of the range,” he says. Vaillant


Vaillant在歐洲擁有超過13,000名員工,業務遍及二十個國家,是歐洲供熱技術領域的第二大制造商。 它在英國德比郡Belper的英國工廠擁有高科技制造工廠,以及約12,400平方米的倉庫設施。 Belper工廠非常重視員工安全,并已在工廠和倉庫中廣泛使用A-SAFE彈性安全防撞護欄。 Adrian AncliffBelper工廠的生産物流和計劃負責人他負責現場的所有物料處理和物流,以及車間的生産計劃,我們一直将A-SAFE彈性防撞護欄産品視為現場安全的首要任務,他說。


Ever since Ancliff and his team first became aware of RackEye, they had been eager to try it at Vaillant. They immediately recognised its potential for improving warehouse safety and wanted to see the system in action in the real-world conditions of their facility, “A-SAFE were looking for test customers for the RackEye product, so we just jumped at the chance,” Ancliff explains. “We are quite an innovative plant and we are always looking for new technologies and new ways to raise the bar in terms of logistics and safety.” 


自從Ancliff和他的團隊第一次了解RackEye産品信息之後,他們就一直渴望在Vaillant集團内部進行嘗試。 他們立即意識到該貨架實時監控系統RackEye在提高倉庫安全性方面的潛力,并希望看到該系統在其工廠的實際條件下運行,“ A-SAFE正在尋找RackEye産品的測試客戶,所以我們隻是抓住了機會,” Ancliff解釋。 我們是一家頗具創新精神的工廠,我們一直在尋找新技術和新方法來提高物流和安全方面的标準。


 A new era in rack safety 

RackEye takes an innovative approach to rack safety. Unlike passive impact protection systems such as rack guards – which protect vulnerable parts of a rack from impact damage – RackEye works by actively monitoring the complete racking infrastructure via intelligent sensors fitted to the rack legs. If these detect that an impact has occurred, the system will pinpoint the affected rack and send an immediate SMS notification to the warehouse management team. This then allows them to assess any damage and take remedial action if necessary. The RackEye system also collects statistical data for reporting, which can help to identify impact hotspots and address long-term problem areas within a facility, ultimately reducing the potential for future incidents. 



貨架實時監控系統RackEye采用創新的技術方法途徑來實現貨架的安全性。 普通的貨架立柱防護之類的被動沖擊保護産品不同普通的貨架立柱護角僅可以保護貨架的易損部件免受沖擊撞擊破壞,貨架實時監控系統RackEye的工作原理是通過安裝在貨架立柱腿上的智能傳感器主動監控整個倉庫貨架的結構。如果RackEye檢測到貨架立柱受到了撞擊,系統将自動查明受撞擊的貨架,并立即向倉庫管理團隊人員發送短信通知。 然後,他們可以評估現場受撞擊造成的損壞并在必要時采取補救措施。 RackEye系統還收集統計數據以進行報告,這可以幫助識别高頻率碰撞發送的貨架區域并可以解決貨架倉庫長期存在問題的區域,從而最終減少将來發生貨架倒塌事故的可能性。 

Following a site visit and more detailed discussions with the Vaillant team about their requirements, A-SAFE installed the RackEye system in the Vaillant warehouse. It went live in January 2019 and in the eight months it has been operational, the team in Belper has already seen significant benefits, “Within that timeframe, we’ve seen a 75 percent reduction in impacts across the legs where we’ve been trialling it,” Ancliff says.  

在對Vaillant團隊進行現場訪問并就其要求進行更詳細的讨論之後,A-SAFEVaillant倉庫中安裝了貨架實時監控系統RackEye系統 它于20191月投入使用,在投入運營的八個月後,Belper的團隊已經看到了顯着的收益,Ancliff 在安裝後的這段時間内,我們倉庫的貨架立柱碰撞事故整體降低了75

  Data-driven improvements

The data from RackEye has been instrumental in helping Vaillant to make improvements within the warehouse, as well as highlighting layout problems and racking issues,  “We’re getting really good data from the KPI reporting; we get regular alerts through the SMS messages, so we’re always doing spot checks on the racking – if problematic areas arise, we’re doing something about it. We’re talking to the guys and asking for ideas on why certain areas are causing us a problem and having more alerts than others.” Ancliff recalls that early on in the project, one of the RackEye racks was regularly reporting impacts. He flagged the issue with his team, who informed him that there was a long-term problem with some mesh decking on the rack shelf. It was damaged and kept catching. The team knew about it, but nobody had reported the problem until RackEye flagged it. The decking was subsequently replaced, and the problem never occurred again, “Without RackEye, I don’t think we would have picked up on that.”



 “貨架實時監控系統RackEye系統提供的數據有助于Vaillant在倉庫内進行各方面的改進,通過數據分析可以突出顯示倉庫布局問題和貨架問題。我們從後台軟件系統的KPI數據報告中獲得了非常好的數據;我們通過實時短信消息會定期收到警報,因此我們可以實時對倉庫貨架進行安全檢查如果發現出現問題的區域,我們會對此進行處理。我們正在現場的工作人員溝通,并研究為什麼某些區域導緻我們出現問題并比其他區域引起更多碰撞事故警報的原因。” Ancliff回憶說,在項目早期,一個安裝了的RackEye貨架立柱位置經常報告碰撞警報。他向團隊反饋了此問題,團隊告訴他,倉庫貨架上的某些網格層闆長期存在問題。它已經損壞并不斷被剮蹭。現場工作人員早就知道這一問題點,但是在貨架實時監控系統RackEye系統”安裝之前,倉庫現場沒有人報告過該問題。随後更換了網格層闆,碰撞警報問題再也沒有發生,如果沒有貨架實時監控系統RackEye系統,我認為我們不會對知道現場有這方面的問題。


Part of the daily routine

According to the Vaillant team, one of the most important factors for the success of the RackEye trial has been how members have embraced the system and made it part of their daily routine, “By getting them involved early and making them aware of it from day one, they have really taken ownership of it. They really understand the benefits of the system. It’s not about blame, it’s just about ownership; it’s about accountability” Ancliff says. Besides identifying issues within the warehouse, individuals within the team are using the monthly KPI reporting to identify areas where they can improve their own performance.



根據Vaillant工作小組的說法,RackEye試驗成功的最重要因素之一就是成員如何接受該系統并将其作為日常工作的一部分,通過讓他們及早參與并從一天開始讓他們意識到這一點。 第一,他們确實擁有了它的所有權。 他們确實了解該貨架實時監控系統的好處。 這不是責備,而是所有權。 這是關于問責制的 Ancliff說。 除了識别倉庫中的問題之外,團隊中的每個人還使用每月的K數據PI報告來确定可以提升自身績效的領域。


Changing driver behaviour

Another benefit has been a general change in driver behaviour since RackEye was installed. The sensor units fitted to the rack legs have served as a visual reminder for drivers to take greater care. Drivers also know that the instant an impact is detected on the rack, an alert will be triggered, and the data will show precisely where and when it occurred. This awareness – together with driver-training and other safety initiatives within the plant – has driven up standards.



安裝貨架實時監控系統RackEye之後,另一個好處是驅動現場叉車駕駛人員的日常安全操作規範的改善。 安裝在貨架立柱腿上的RackEye為駕駛員提供了視覺提醒,讓他們更加小心駕駛作業。駕駛員還知道,一旦檢測到貨架受到撞擊,就會觸發警報,并且數據會準确顯示碰撞發生的時間和地點。 這種認識,加上工廠内的駕駛員培訓和其他安全措施,已經提高了安全标準水平。


Building on success 

RackEye has been hugely positive for warehouse operations in Belper, as well as for the entire warehouse and logistics team. However, such has been the success of the trial, it has also captured the interest of senior management and other operations across the Vaillant Group, “It’s almost become part of the logistics showcase when we show customers and visitors around.” The Logistics and Scheduling team at Vaillant is eager to build upon the success of the RackEye trial and roll it out to other racks within the facility, “We really want to increase the number of legs that we’ve got across the plant,” Ancliff says. “We can say only positive things about the benefits it’s had.” 



貨架實時監控系統RackEyeBelper發揮的作用讓整個倉庫和物流團隊都非常滿意。但是,這次的測試取得了成功,也吸引了整個Vaillant集團的高級管理層和其他運營部門的興趣,當我們向客戶和訪客展示倉庫時,RackEye幾乎已成為物流展示的必要的一部分。”Vaillant的物流和計劃團隊渴望在RackEye試驗的成功基礎上,并将其推廣到全球其他工廠内的貨架倉庫, Ancliff 我們真的想增加整個工廠的安裝數量我們隻能說這個産品給我們帶來的價值是非常高的。


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windows server 2008 r2 環境下 安裝 INFOR WMS 10.2 版本過程中,如何注冊應用服務或組件。

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針對該項目已經發現或可能存在的問題,鋒馥規劃出“交叉帶分揀+原箱條碼分揀 +機械手與人工混合投貨”的三合一高效分揀整體解決方案。













整體來看,該項目退貨分揀系統的突出特點是最大正常運行時間與高度可靠性,主要體現在:應用更少的零件、更少的維護與創新的驅動系統 ,可有效降低能耗;在線診斷、可視化的分揀數據 、無噪操作,帶來更優化的工作環境;每分鐘超過400個料箱的通過速率,能夠在較低速度時實現高分揀速率,實現更高的工作效率;冗餘設計的直線電機驅動方式确保更長的系統正常運行時間,從而延長産品壽命。










該項目上線後,分揀系統運行穩定, 每天送貨、補貨,分店不必準備太多的庫存,降低了運營成本,缺貨情況反而改善,營運效率大大提高;同時,項目采用原箱條碼分揀,貨箱分揀後系統自動核對,不用條碼槍每箱核對,并且減少了箱子重新貼條碼的費用,1人可負責多個道口,提高了該商超的整體營運效率和競争力。






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